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Liam Evans and his daughter Amy are living their normal daily life, but an unexpected event will change everything.

nec[H]roma is a dark thriller puzzle game. You play as Liam and Amy, the two main characters that find themselves in a dangerous and cryptic situation, trapped in a mysterious building. They want to go back home and they need to find a way out.

This prototype demo contains about half an hour of gameplay and the first two complete episodes of the story.

Engine: RPG Maker 2003

Made for the Indie Game Making Contest 2018

Published 15 days ago
Tags2D, Dark, enigma, Horror, thriller

Install instructions

Download the files and just boot the .exe file! Enjoy! : )

If the download doesn't start, try to unlock the pop-ups! If it doesn't work... well, copy the link below ^_^"






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Oh, where I begin? This game is absolutely amazing! In game there was so much to do and look. These puzzles was creative and really fun to solve, not too hard but not too easy. I didn't believe that only DEMO game made me feel that I have been playing this a long and I know what kind of characters they are.  I REALLY HOPE THAT YOU CONTINUE! I wanna know more! I seriously could buy full versio.... And yea, I made a video as well. :)

What an amazing experience, nec[H]roma was a great game for me to play! The characters had so much life the interactions with the items in there house hinted at so much before they talked about it. A great tutorial that didn't feel like a tutorial at all. A story that just pulled me in and at the end  left me wanting to know more. I made a video they may be a bit long but I wanted to make sure I left everything to show this games atmosphere.

And I leave you with one last thing: "Oh, poor Yorick! I used to know him"

Thanks a lot for your feedback! :D

Very nice video btw! ;)

Could be alot better but I am always glad to play amazing games made by amazing people.